Shoulder Injury from Auto Accident

If you've been in a car accident and are now living with shoulder pain, you might be confused about where that pain is coming from and what exactly you can do about it. Our team at Axiom Injury & Rehab in Carrollton has put together this quick guide to help.


What Causes Shoulder Pain in a Car Accident?

Ironically, some of the most common car accident injuries involve the life-saving technology that keeps you in place – seatbelts. These resources are undoubtedly needed, and we want you to use them because an injury you can recover from is certainly preferable to losing your life. However, if you've injured your shoulder in an accident, you might be wondering how that happened. Most likely, it is due to contact with your seatbelt.

During an accident, your seatbelt locks in place. The force of the collision attempts to move your body, causing that tightly locked seatbelt and your shoulder to come into very harsh contact. It's not unusual for this to cause rotator cuff tears, dislocations, sprains, strains, and other shoulder injuries. Additionally, your shoulder pain might not start in your shoulder. That same force can cause injuries to the neck or back, including nerve compression, which can cause pain in the shoulder.

Should I See a Car Accident Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain Relief?

Chiropractic care has been a very effective method of natural healing and pain relief for shoulder pain and many other symptoms and conditions. This effectiveness is due to two very important aspects of care:

    • It seeks the root cause of your pain and addresses that through a combination of natural methods of healing.

    • It aims to not only reduce your current symptoms but also strengthen the injured site to reduce the likelihood of the injury occurring again.

Chiropractic Techniques for Shoulder Pain Relief

Every patient is unique, so there is no cookie-cutter approach to relief. Instead, your chiropractor factors in the exact injury, lifestyle factors, comfort level, and much more. A customized combination of techniques is then developed for the individual. This combination can include the following and more:

    • Adjustments and manipulation: These are two similar methods of addressing issues in the skeletal system to restore balance and alignment.

    • Soft tissue therapy: Chiropractors use several techniques to relieve tension, pain, and inflammation while also stimulating the body's natural healing processes.

    • Therapeutic exercises: These targeted exercises help both stretch and strengthen the injured site to achieve optimal and lasting recovery.

Find Shoulder Pain Relief in Carrollton, TX

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