Headaches after a Car Accident

Chiropractic Care Can Help

Are you suffering from headaches after a recent car accident? Don’t ignore them! Headaches after a collision often indicate a problem with the cervical spine. A chiropractor can help alleviate that discomfort and bring your spine back into proper alignment. At Axiom Injury & Rehab in Carrollton, TX, we offer a variety of treatment modalities to address head and neck pain after car accidents. Read on to learn more about what causes headaches after a car accident and how chiropractic care can help improve your condition.


What Causes Headaches after a Car Accident?

The force generated during an unexpected collision often transfers to the vehicle’s passengers and can strain or even damage the ligaments, muscles, and discs in a person's neck. Because the neck is highly mobile and unsupported during a collision, many people involved in car accidents suffer from whiplash as a result of that transfer of force.  

When whiplash causes the head and neck to abruptly and forcefully “whip” forward and then backward, it can pull the cervical spine out of its normal alignment. When the spinal discs experience a subluxation, they can put excess pressure on the nerves that stem from the spinal column. Nerve pressure in the cervical spine, combined with strained muscles and ligaments in the neck, doesn’t just result in neck pain. Headaches are often a secondary symptom. 

Experts estimate that up to 80 percent of people who experience whiplash during a car accident will develop headaches after the incident.

How Does a Chiropractor Treat Headaches Caused by Car Accidents?

A chiropractor addresses collision-related headaches using a number of therapeutic techniques designed to re-align and decompress the spine. In addition to spinal manipulation and decompression, a chiropractor has many other therapeutic techniques at his disposal, including high-frequency ultrasound, exercise therapy, laser therapy, and heat and cold therapies. Here’s how three of the most commonly applied treatments work:

  • Spinal manipulation. Commonly referred to as a chiropractic adjustment, spinal manipulation involves gentle force applied to specific areas of the spine to gradually bring the vertebrae back into proper alignment.
  • Spinal decompression. Decompression treatments essentially stretch the spine in a gentle and gradual manner to alleviate excess pressure on spinal discs.
  • Ultrasound treatments. High-frequency vibrations promote expedited healing throughout the treatment area by stimulating damaged cell membranes in the joints, muscles, and connective tissues to repair themselves. Ultrasound also helps reduce painful inflammation throughout the treatment area. 

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